Online OST to PST Converter

How to convert ost to pst Online

OST to PST conversion online step-by-step:

  1. Select *.ost file from device by press on "SELECT FILE" button
  2. Type email address
  3. Type text of captcha from picture
  4. Press "Next Step" button
  5. Wait for uploading and conversion of source *.ost file
  6. Preview of folders tree after conversion
  7. Paid conversion ost to pst by use PayPal, credit card or other
  8. Download converted *.pst file

Benefits of Online OST to PST Converter:

  • Conversion on any devices and OS: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and so on
  • No need installed software
  • No need to use Microsoft Outlook
  • No need to connect to Microsoft Domain Controller
  • No need to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server

Online service can helps to convert ost to pst online without Outlook and without Exchange Server and without Domain Controller.